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Nan Goldin

"I always thought if I photographed anyone or anything enough, I would never lose the person, I would never lose the memory, I would never lose the place. But the pictures show me how much I've lost."

Nan Goldin (b. 1953)

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Nan Goldin: In My Life (1997)

Director: Paul Tschinkel
Year: 1966

This program features Nan Goldin’s celebrated 1996 mid-career photography retrospective at the Whitney Museum of American Art. Goldin’s exhibition filled an entire floor at the Whitney Museum with pictures that chronicle her involvement and fascination with the alternative, “downtown” culture of New York City, Boston, Berlin, Tokyo, etc. Culled from a period that spans more than 25 years of taking pictures, Goldin’s desire to make a visual diary of her friends and lovers, as well as her own life, makes for a moving, highly charged, visual experience. This exhibition was organized by curator ELIZABETH SUSSMAN and selected by NAN GOLDIN and her life long friend and colleague DAVID ARMSTRONG. Included are interviews with NAN GOLDIN and MARVIN HEIFERMAN, a curator/publisher and a director of Lookout in New York City.

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